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Personal Care With a Higher Purpose

Laura Billingsley

I am a wife, mother, employee and a student of meditation and energy work to connect mind and body for healing in a very powerful way. While we may perceive our bodies to be a physical organism: an object, we are actually beings that give and receive energy in a constant flow. It is well documented that our minds are the directors of the energy flow and our thoughts and intentions can cause changes that affect our body’s health in a negative or a positive way. Skin is the largest organ of the body and is highly sensitive to energy, both positive and negative. It also greedily eats substances that are applied topically, both good and bad.  That’s why I believe that what we place on our skin and in our bodies and the intention behind it’s use is vitally important to the process of mind body healing. The use of essential oils and specific plants has a long history of improving general health and well being including skin health. In order to connect skin care with mind and body I offer products that are made with plant based, organic, responsibly sourced ingredients and the best essential oils (see and botanicals. All Angels & Co. products are manufactured in small batches by me in my Wentzville, Missouri home only after I carefully set an intention and spend time in prayer and meditation so healing energy  flows from me and my home into your product so it is filled with love and positive energy. It’s important to me that the products you receive support your own personal journey, so I welcome custom orders with ingredients that meet your physical/emotional/spiritual needs in the present. I guarantee complete satisfaction or your money back. Love and light to you. ~Namaste